I’M Engaged!

This is where it went down - the Big Beehive, Mirror Lake, Banff National Park

As of last Saturday, I officially have myself a Fiance.

I was never the girl who dreamt of her night in shinning armour and dream wedding since she was a little girl. Yes, I played house with Barbie and Ken but they were just dating for goodness sake!

I certainly have never been against marriage, it just wasn’t my life goal. I was busy hiking, biking, snowboarding, traveling and having fun.

I knew right away that Shawn was someone I could marry. When I am with him it feels like home. We are always on the same wavelength and he truly thinks about my best interests….and visa-versa. We have so much in common…including our love of the outdoors and punishing ourselves in the name of fun.

So, there we were, at Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Alberta. Snow was still on the ground so we decided to snowshoe up to Mirror Lake.

At the top, underneath the Big Beehive,  Shawn took the apple I was furiously munching from my hand and put it on the ground. He took both of my hands, looked me in the eye and asked me to marry him.

I truly never saw it coming. We had never discussed it. The subject of marriage had only come up a few times between us and mostly in the esoteric, third-party way. It was such a surprise.

Of course I said yes!


2 responses to “I’M Engaged!

  1. Uncle ron and I are so happy for both of you..and we are especially anxious to meet you. I knew that you were going to be perfect for Shawn the minute I started seeing your facebook posts and pics. He has truly waited for the ‘right” one. You are certainly going to have a wonderful life together. Congratulations!!♥♥
    Lots of love,Aunt Sharon

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