Where is the Fire?

As it always goes with me, when I am hit with the prospect of a major change or unknown, my first instinct is to freak out. My head goes all crazy with racing thoughts and I feel really overwhelmed with the prospect of how much stuff I need to figure out. Until I know what I need to do I can’t have a plan….which, if you know me is REAL important.

This is no different. While immensely happy, I have found myself feeling stressed out and frantic “to get things done” right away, even though I don’t truly know what actually DOES need to be done.

What I do know is I still need to clean the office, sweep the floors, catch up on weiner dog blog post and comments, finish scheduling the Couch to Peak™ event series, get my butt off the couch and outside to train for the Ski to Sea, visit my family, get my mom’s wedding ring from my step dad PLUS learn how to plan a wedding and then plan it.

I know that one of the most important parts of planning a wedding to pick and book a venue early. I hear the waiting list for some places can be a year to two. This morning I found myself thinking we have to pick SOMETHING NOW and wondering how I am going to get that done with all of the other things I have to do standing over my shoulder.

Then I stopped myself and took a step back. I realized, there is no fire here! Really, I haven’t even been engaged a week and we aren’t planning on getting married for at least a year. SURELY, we can wait a week to start discussing this.

So, for the next week I am going to give myself permission to not really look into this wedding stuff and get some of the things currently on my plate off of it. THEN, I can start frantically pursuing this.

Now the trick is to actually NOT obsess over it and ACTUALLY DO some of the stuff on my list 🙂


4 responses to “Where is the Fire?

  1. JoAnn Pedersen

    You know what Jess……you are SO right! There is NO FIRE here!!! The main thing is that this is Yours and Shawn’s wedding. You do what You and Shawn want………not what anyone else wants, says, or tells you NEEDS to be done! Make this wedding what you two want!! If you need ANYTHING from me, please let me know……….I will be glad to help in ANY way I can, but for right now, just sit back and enjoy the moment!!!

  2. In all honesty the wedding location, set up and everything involved only needs to represent what is important to you two and to include those that you find to be important to include; be it your mom’s ring, some special location that means something to the two of you, a time of year/day that you two prefer…the rest is just the trapings. Granted I am sure some of us want to be there to share in your joy and to express our joy at your union but in reality there are few of us you will have in your life for the next 60 years quite the same as the one standing next to you, exchanging vows. When you start looking into things and it all appears to cost so much more, and feel so much more stressful than you wish, take the time to break it down to what is truely important for the two of you to enjoy and treasure that day. It is a celebration and a commitment by all who attend to assist in maintaining your vows to one another and to support, love and cherish each other in the good and through the bad. Just keep enjoying the path cause that is all life ever is…a path of your own enjoyment.

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