Step One to Getting a Clue

Bridal Magazines. Five pounds of them to be exact. After professing that I will put off thinking about wedding stuff for a week in yesterdays post, I decided to buy a bunch of bridal magazines.

This was a momentous event because I have never bought or even looked at a bridal magazine. You might be thinking “well, that is because this techie girl found all she needed to know online”. Well, nope! I haven’t even looked online. See, THIS is why I am so clueless.

I figured the ads and articles in the magazines would give me an idea of what kinds of things I have to consider. Looking at magazines is fun and non-stressful way to do “research” without getting stressed out.

Seattle Bride looked very sophisticated but had too many advertisements and too much fancy stuff for me. It was like Vogue for brides in my mind. The Knot must have taken up 2 or the 5 lbs but it was mostly pictures. It was great though because it had a ton of dresses inside. It was cool to see what is out there and what is currently trendy. I think Budget Bride was my favorite because that is more my style – laid back and more of an intimate feel.

So I decided I need to make a list of what I need to consider and start picking them off one-by-one. I know that there are many checklists available online, many of them customizable, but I haven’t had time to seriously look at them or download them. For now I want to just get the big picture.

On one hand I felt like I didn’t learn a whole lot of new stuff from the magazines. The things they said I needed to do actually wasn’t really news to me. Maybe I know more than I think. Must have learned it from osmosis.

On the other hand I have this sneaking feeling that I am still missing a lot of things I need to consider from my list – “Hidden” things that never occurred to me and that they forget to tell you. This is what I have on my list so far:

The Wedding and Reception:

  • Venue (plus any necessary permits)
  • Theme (traditional, outdoor, etc)
  • Color palette
  • Flowers
  • Select bridesmaids and who will give me away and stuff Food
  • Drinks
  • Cake
  • Seating
  • Officiary
  • Choose ring bearers


  • Wedding dress
  • Shoes
  • Undergarments
  • Bridesmaids (the guys can worry about themselves)


  • Invitations/announcements
  • RSVP cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Place sittings tags
  • wedding album

Possible videographer
Accommodations for out-of-town relatives and travel arrangements
Marriage license

What am I missing here?


7 responses to “Step One to Getting a Clue

  1. Hey Jess, So happy for you two! If you have any questions please let me know, I’m not an expert but since I’m about 3 months out I have a little experience and its very fresh.
    One thing I noticed you missed is music, but that depends on the type of party you want to have.
    I would say for me, to keep things flowing and not spend too much, there was a definite order to the decision making. For example, budget comes first, you’ve got to know what you’re working with. Then date comes next cause where and theme depend on weather etc. Then venue, because food and theme and colors will depend on the setting. Then food, cause caterers book-up fast! Once you have that decided you can get going on colors, themes which leads firstly to any Save-the-Dates and invites. Now you can fill in the details for your party, start with rentals cause they get booked quick too!
    The one thing I’m noticing is that August really is POPULAR, which is fine except that a bunch of our guests have conflicting weddings the same weekend. I will get you a link for the wedding budget spreadsheet I am using, its awesome!!
    Good Luck!

    • Thanks. That is a major part of my problem – knowng where to start. We have a date in mind but I think we are going to start with venue because if we find something we MUST have we are willing to move the date if it is booked up. After that it gets Hazy. Good to know August is popular. We are hoping if we pick something soon it will be enough in advance to still have a chance at getting it. As soon as we have the venue we will announce the date to give people plenty of notice.

  2. You will probably have showers and a bachelorette party but most of that is gifts from others but you will have choices and decisions in those as well. You will have the food and depending on venue wine/beer choices. You can use this summer to go on a wine tasting tour and buy cases direct from winery saving some $ and they deliver. This also goes for beer as we have tons of local brewers. Have some fun do a biking tour of local breweries. Just be safe:)
    For the rehearsal dinner you can check into local restaurants as well. Sometimes that can be cheaper than catering. However a nice dinner at someones home is also good but be organized and get that arranged so it is as stress free for you two as possible.
    Engagement parties can be a themed bbq as well.
    Also don’t forget your wedding party gifts for the bridesmaid/Maid of Honor/flower girl/ring bearer/best man/men…All of that is contingent on how you two wish to do your day though.

  3. gift registry is not on your list.

  4. One thing you might look into is if your venue offers “off season” pricing. I know we originally wanted to get married in September, but discovered if we waited a couple of weeks into November, we saved HUGE on the food. Didn’t bother us a bit:)

    • Most of the places we are looking at are parks so they are the same price all year round. Unless I found something I was absolutely in love with I just had to wait for we are probably goign to shoot for a particular date and see what is available and what we can affort. Most parks are pretty easy to get into a year in advance. I will keep that in mind though.

      Food would be seperate at the locations we are looking at so you have a good point about food but since we are serving dry toast and water it doesn’t really matter 🙂

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