Engagement Ring

I talked about the ring before, namely that in order for the proposal to be a surprise there isn’t one yet. I still have to decide what I want to do for the engagement and wedding rings.

I have decided that I do want the traditional engagement ring and then some kind of wedding band. Considering the fact that I often work and play in the dirt there will be times that I don’t want to wear the bigger ring with stones sticking out. In those cases, it will be important for me to have a band I can wear.

Also, the bigger ring will include some combination of stones from my family so it will not be replaceable. A wedding band is when it comes right down to it. It instances where I think it might get damaged, lost or stolen (like when we are traveling the world. Ha, ha) I will also want to wear only the band.

Since the ring will cost more than we have sitting around right now, and will likely have to be custom made, I will be waiting a while for it. The question was what to do in the meantime because I DO want a ring I can start wearing now.

I was wrestling with the thought of buying an “engagement ring” now to wear only to relegate it to some drawer when the real thing comes along. If I did get one now it was going to be simple and relatively inexpensive but I feel it’s wasteful to spend even a couple of hundred dollars on something that is only temporary.

My heart was nudging me though saying, “It doesn’t matter, you should get something to wear now. When you spend thousands of dollars on outdoor gear what is a few hundred for a ring that symbolizes your commitment to the love of your life?”

I did decide to incorporate at least my mom’s “magic ring”, and possibly her wedding diamond, into my own engagement ring. She is too important to me to not. Sure, I like brand new sparkly diamonds but this ring will be unique, have a good story and be close to my heart. She doesn’t know it yet (and doesn’t have a computer so she won’t find out) but I am also going to hit my grandma up to see if she wants to give her only Granddaughter one of her rings so I can also incorporate that into the ring (I LOVE my Grammy like a mother).

Anyway, In this case I think practical is going to win out. I have decided that I am going to wear mom’s “magic ring” to hold me over until we can have the engagement ring made. I like the ring a lot and I kind of like that when people ask to see my engagement ring I will get to tell them about my mom and tell the story of how the final engagement ring will come about.

The only problem is that I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THIS RING. It’s more important to me than my Mom’s wedding ring. It’s about a half size too big though and a couple of the prongs on the ring are worn thin and I am afraid one good whack might cause the stone to fall out.

All this means that I will likely NOT wear it more often that I WILL wear it which kind of brings me back to the original dilemma…..not having an engagement ring to wear right away. *sigh* I still feel like this is the better option for me though.

Anyway, here it is

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  1. Good choice.

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