It’s Been Three Years

Time sure flies when you are having fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 marked Shawn’s and mine three-year anniversary. When I go back and actively think about – where I was literally and figuratively when we met, how many bike rides and outdoor events we have shared together and when we moved in together – it is apparent that some time has passed. However, on our anniversary it didn’t “feel” like three whole years.

It really does feel like we started dating just yesterday.  I get just as excited now when I know we are going to go on an adventure together as I did during our first few dates. I feel as time has gone on, I like who he is more and more each day. Although I need my alone time, I generally want to spend more time with him, not less.  I feel just as lucky that he likes me as I did in the beginning.

So what did we do for this special day? Not as much as you might think but it was perfect in my eyes.

When I got home I found some beautiful, organic flowers Shawn had bought me from Terra Bella Flowers – a flower shop up the street from our house. He took in a list of flowers he got from reading this blog and the owner put something together for him while he went next door to get coffee. He’s so thoughtful J

The next thing we did was not spend any time together for a couple of hours. Funny for an anniversary right? It was actually way better than it sounds.

I had an evening weiner dog walk planned. As you know from reading my blog, I love those things. Before I left I helped Shawn load up his kayak so he could paddle the lake, as part of his Ski to Sea training, while I was walking about it. I actually really love the idea of us doing two separate things but in the same area. It was really neat to be walking around the lake doing my own thing but constantly watching for him paddling around out there. We both ended up having a blast in our own way.

We both got done and home at the same time. I felt more like spending a nice evening in so we made tacos. As some of you know, I have been unable to eat everything that makes a taco great for months so this was really a special treat.

I actually almost felt like we did our “anniversary” stuff – spending the day together and having a nice dinner – a couple of weeks ago when we got engaged at Lake Louise. I guess I feel like the time between then and now has been a two week “anniversary period”.

So, now three years has come and gone. When you are dating three years feels like a big milestone – like we have made it THIS FAR to the end of three years. I felt something different for this anniversary than I have ever felt before. This time it felt like THREE YEARS is just the beginning of this whole thing – that it was that three year mark that kicked off a new life for me.


One response to “It’s Been Three Years

  1. Love that you love my brother so much!

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