A Break Maybe?

Well, after professing I would take a week to regroup before jumping into wedding planning last week, and then my subsequent bridal magazine spree, I finally beginning to lose steam.

I can’t believe it was only two weeks ago I got engaged. The frenzy really started a week before we left for our trip to Lake Louise.

Besides regular work, the week before we left brought two intro meetings with potential dog-sitting buddies, 9 hours of overtime work for a special event for the City, an all day trip to Poulsbo for the park rededication in my grandma’s name and lots of family socializing. I also had to gather Chester and Gretel’s supplies for their stay at the dog-sitter, write a doggie instruction book and then actually drop them off. During that time I tried to keep my head above water for my blog but with my limited time I fell way behind reading and commenting on my bloggy friend’s blogs.

Then we were off for a 14 hour drive straight through to Banff, Alberta. A quick stay overnight in a hotel and were off again to drive up to the Icefield Parkway while the weather was still nice and we could see something (it turns out the weather was nice for our whole trip but we didn’t know that at the time). That almost all-day sight-seeing trip got us back to Lake Louse in time to check into our hotel, eat dinner and pass out in our room.

The next day was somewhat more relaxed in the morning. We wandered around the Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise and took a lot of photos around the lake. We went on a 4.5 mile snowshoe trip and that is when Shawn proposed – at Mirror Lake, under the beehive and near the Teahouse with the squirrel that almost ate my face off.

Then of course our lazy, relaxing day became a frenzied day of excitement. We ended up spending two hours over a three-course meal, an hour in the hot tub and then again passed out in the bed. The morning brought a 6 am departure for the 14 hour drive back to Seattle. The excitement still permeated the air and we itched to start telling people. Close to border we broke down and finally called a few.

Besides the fact that I had to be up bright and early the next morning for work, this week has felt frantic. With notifying a bunch more of our friends and family members, starting this blog, putting on another weiner dog event, scheduling some upcoming events with my group, attempting to keep my weiner dog blog afloat while trying to catch up on my blog readings and comments, answering a slew of questions about the proposal and wedding plans, talking with my friend Heather in China, researching potential wedding venues and visiting our first one and having dinner with my Aunt this week has not been a slow one.

Writing this is just making me tired. Ha, ha. So anyway, I am feeling overwhelmed but calm at the same time. I have no choice but to slow things down for a bit because I need to focus on training and complete the mountain bike leg of the Ski to Sea Memorial Day Weekend.

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