Family Craziness

I flew down to Orange County yesterday to watch my brother graduate. This has been a whirlwind trip both because I board the plane early tomorrow morning to go home and also because it has been a frenzy of family energy and excitement.

I remember when I graduated college. Rather, I remember the date and some faces but the rest is kind of a distant haze. I don’t particularly remember the craziness, though I am sure there was some to be had.

My brother and I are fortunate enough to have lots of friends and family that love us an insist in being involved in our accomplishments and milestones. It can be overwhelming at times though.

I want to thank my brother for graduating this year and reminding me of what I have in store next year when Shawn and I get married.

Bring on the fam! 🙂

PS….I am writing this from my hotel room on my phone as a test of the WordPress app. I will find out how it worked when I get home tomorrow.


One response to “Family Craziness

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! : ) Having all of your family and friends in one place is pure magic, and the best part of the whole experience. Have fun!

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