Our First Date

Shawn and I have been dating almost three years. May 18th was our anniversary. Besides being the day we knew we were going to be seeing more of each other, it’s a special date because it is the day I didn’t kill or maim myself on my bike.

For our first real date we went on mountain bike ride up at Tiger Mountain. There I was zooming down the mountain after him on my hard tail (he, on the other hand, had a bike more equipped to be riding that trail at that speed) when my front tire got stuck between two tree roots.

The bike stopped immediately and I did what I can only imagine was some sort of Superman fly and landed my face on a rock. Seriously, I heard a snap and thought there was no way my jaw wasn’t broken.

Shawn asked if I was ok in this “oh my god” frantic voice. I didn’t respond at first because I had a vision of my jaw disintegrating when I attempted to speak. I am sure Shawn thought I was knocked out or something.

After checking all my teeth with my tongue I managed to eek out a “yes, I just need a minute”. I laid there trying to shake it off then the adrenaline kicked in. I didn’t feel that hurt and we still had  a few miles to ride out before dark so I hoped off, dusted myself off and said “let’s go”.

My shoulder started to hurt on the way back to the car. I felt what I thought was road rash on my shoulder. When I showed Shawn he took a step back with a look or horror and said “oh my god”. It freaked me out so I rant to the mirror.

It was dark bu now but I did manage to find the quarter-size, chicken-skin looking divit in my shoulder. I had a pretty good gash on my cheek as well. It still didn’t hurt that bad so we loaded the bikes and I dropped Shawn off at his house.

I will spare you the gory details but while attempting to clean and bandage the wounds it became VERY apparent I needed to go to the doctor so I drove myself to the urgent care clinic at 3 am. Bandaged up with my wrist in a splint, I headed home with a possible cracked cheek bone and a swollen face.

Anyway, I think Shawn might have been freaked out thinking he broke me because I didn’t hear from him again for what seemed like a couple of weeks. Ok, it probably wasn’t that long because I do remember him texting me to make sure I was ok the next day or two after.

At one point he called me and asked me to dinner. We got dressed up all fancy and went to a great Thai dinner in downtown Seattle…….and the rest is history.

One response to “Our First Date

  1. Sounds alot like Shawn and Dave’s first “date”. I always thought it was Dave that broke people but maybe the curse is on Shawn? Awesome story either way, you are a hardcore chica. Maybe after all this wedding chaos is done (mine AND yours) we can all hangout again. Lets just try not to brake something this time!

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