Making Art from Ideas

I have a dirty little secret. I suck at art….or at least at the things I consider to be art.

I remember back in first grade. Our teacher asked us to draw a picture of something so I naturally drew a horse (because I loved horses…still do). I think I drew it from my memory of what a horse looked like and it was blue (I know horses aren’t blue. Maybe that is the only pen color that was left).  Anyway, I remember trying really hard but in the end it looked like a bunch of boxes and rectangles thrown together.

All of the pictures got posted on the wall for the whole class to see. I don’t remember what the other drawings were but I do remember they were better and looked more realistic than mine. I remember deciding right then and there that I suck at this art thing and I shouldn’t even try.

Unfortunately, you don’t get off that easy when you are in school. Over the years teachers instructed me to do this art thing. If it involved painting or drawing something  I did badly. I did find some things I enjoyed and they even turned out ok. Making my mom the ashtray and clay vase in 6th grade was fun. As long as my art wasn’t supposed to actually look like an object in the real world I was safe.

I do remember having to make a collage one time. I was good at that. Or at least I really enjoyed it. I didn’t have to make it look like anything I just had to notice patterns and colors and arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The other day I was sitting and looking at my 5 plus pounds(because I bought more) bridal magazines and I had an epiphany – I could cut out the pictures that caught my eye and make a collage out of them to help me come up with an idea of what I want my wedding to look and feel like. I planned to make several collages over the next year and a half and keep them in a scrap book. Genius.

Well, it turns out mine was NOT an original idea. Actually, far from it. They’re called wedding inspiration boards. Most of them appear to be actual boards not bound in a book. I am unclear if one is supposed to come up with one big board or several boards. I am not sure if you are supposed to do an individual board for cakes, one for gowns, one for decorations, etc. or if you are supposed to make a single board that includes one of each of those items that all fit together into one color scheme or theme.

I do like the idea of doing a collage but I don’t know how I want to put it together or if I want one or several. I am leaning toward two main routes right now.

One is to stick with my original idea and make several collages and put them in a scrap book. I imagine many things will catch my eye before I start to get a feel for a common theme. I think the scrap book is nice because you can carry it around and point to individual and groups of pictures when it comes time to buy a dress or meet with the florist. I think the down side is that you have to turn one or several pages to point out the different pieces you like.

The other idea is to buy a big cork board and some thumbtacks. I can make collage with removable pieces. As the board fills up and new things catch my eye I can move some off the board and place some new photos up there. I think that would be cool because then it would kind of organically gravitate toward a particular theme or color scheme and all of the ideas would be on one “page” so you could get a good visual of what the wedding might look like.

The down side to this approach are 1) Where in the heck would I put it? There isn’t much wall space in the office. 2) It would be very cumbersome to try and carry that thing with me to show the vendors what I am thinking. I guess that could be remedied by just taking pictures of it to take with me but to get the visual/feel of the whole board I imagine each photo would end up pretty small and be hard to see.

So anyway, I am going to bust out my creativity and make some art from my ideas.


2 responses to “Making Art from Ideas

  1. I’ve recently become aware of inspiration boards myself. They certainly do the trick to inspire. If you haven’t heard of , you should check it out. It’s a way to virtually collect and pin fun things that you find online! Be careful, it can be addicting! 🙂

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