Seattle Outdoor Wedding Venue Review 2: Hamilton Viewpoint Park

This Hamilton Viewpoint Park is perched atop a hill in West Seattle, not too far from Alki Beach.

I had never heard of this park before but found it when I was searching for outdoor wedding venues in Seattle. It caught my eye because it offers a great view of downtown Seattle.

We went there the other day to check it out and the view did not disappoint. From the seating area you can see the Space Needle and downtown Seattle.

If you walk over to the viewpoint you get a more expansive view. This would be a great place for wedding photos and photos of your guests.

The park is not as big as I thought it would be though. I looked around for where the photos I had found showed the chairs set up and it looks like they were arranged on the grassy hill across from the viewpoint.

The Seattle Parks website said this venue will accommodate 200 people. By the looks of it you could pretty easily fit chairs in on the grassy area but the ground is not level. I can picture Aunt Edna tipping over in her chair. It might be a plus though because, if set up right, it could mimic stadium seating.

If you look in the first photo you will see a tree and bushes on the left. This “island” effectively separates the grassy hill into two sections because if the chairs get to close to this tree then your view is cut off. If you are looking at this island, the best place to put the chairs to get a view is to the right. You might need to do some creative placement though so this tree doesn’t block the view of the people towards the back.

There are several colorful bushes, Rhododendron bushes and flowers surrounding this area and the grounds are well manicured. The park was very nice for sure but in our opinion, it was not wedding worthy…at least not by our standards. We just didn’t feel like it had anything special going for it.

First, Like I said, it was small and there wasn’t much parking available at the park. Parking on the streets might be a hassle because it is surrounded by residential properties (especially for 100+ guests).

Second, I was concerned that the only way in and out of this park requires crossing the West Seattle Bridge. It would just figure that on our wedding day there would be an accident on the bridge and the guests wouldn’t be able to get there.

Third, there didn’t seem to be an indoor reception option very close to the park. The park itself is located in a residential area so to get to any kind of reception hall you would probably have to drive to Alki Beach. I haven’t spent a lot of time in West Seattle but it seems this is the only commercial area worth anything and most of what is available there is restaurants.

If I had looked harder I might have found something suitable for a reception. If you know of anything let me know. Quite frankly, we weren’t impressed enough with the park to do any real research on the options.

My out-of-town relatives are probably looking at these photos and thinking “Are you crazy? This park is beautiful”. I agree it IS nice but more for a short visit than for a wedding. Living here in the northwest we have several choices for great outdoor settings with a view. I think we will take our quest for our perfect wedding ceremony venue elsewhere.

3 responses to “Seattle Outdoor Wedding Venue Review 2: Hamilton Viewpoint Park

  1. Jess, just a reminder that there is a ton of traffic getting anywhere near Alki on a sunny day. Also, all the road closures have created a mess of the Alaska/99/1st ave, which also makes getting to and from West Seattle kinda lame! Just letting you know, as a West Seattlite that used to live on Harbor Ave.

    • Thanks. Yep, this venue was out for us when we saw it. Not only were we not impressed but the West Seattle bridge alone was a no-go for me. Add to it the other things you mentioned and it is definitely out. We have a place in mind but are digging to try and come up with at least one alternative in case we can’t get the venue we want. We don’t want to have to start from square one if that happens.

  2. why not have a small private ceremony and save the money and have a big reception/party for friends and family….just a thought

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