Engagement Ring Here I Come!

I appreciate a good adventure story. Adventure stories actually make things way better.

This weekend the adventure of the engagement ring will finally begin. There is way more to it than just going to the store to pick one out. This one will have a real story.

So, I may not have mentioned but when Shawn and I were coming back from our trip to Banff National Park (where we got engaged) my check engine light came on just after we crossed over the border into the US. After a few seconds of panic, because last time that happened the power steering went out and the engine started to overheat going 70 on the freeway, we managed to drive it back to Seattle without incident.

I didn’t know what was wrong with my car but it seemed to be running so I still drove it to work and back for about a week. Then we noticed a leak in the radiator. No problem, I just put more cooling juice in it and continued to drive it.

When I got back from the trip to California for my Brother’s graduation I checked the drip from the radiator and the rate of the leakage had increased. Uh, oh. I decided to listen to the engine light and stop driving it. I have been riding the bus, my bike or hitching a ride to work since then. I got my tax return last week so I plan to take it into the shop as soon as I have the time.

On another note, it seems like is has been months since I have been able to make it to Sequim to see my Grandparents. No bueno. Anyway, I finally have a window of opportunity to get over there but no car. I decided to rent a tiny economy car, which ended up being relatively cheap, to jettison myself up there this weekend.

Where does the engagement ring come in you ask? I am getting there.

Previously, I showed you my Mom’s “magic ring” I want to incorporate into the engagement ring. I also have her wedding ring to work with but it is currently living with my Step-dad. I suspect I will also need some smaller stones to go with them.

The other day I had this great idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if I made an engagement ring from something of my Mom’s and my Grandma’s? I mean, she is like my second mom anyway.

I am really excited about it anyway. I figure I can have an engagement ring with stones from my Mom AND Grandma put into a setting of our choice. Then Shawn and I could buy a wedding band ourselves. Then I will have a three-generation wedding ring when I am done. How neat is that?

I asked my grandma the other day if she had any jewelry I might be able to use in a ring. She said she had a pair of diamond earrings I could have. Yay!

SO, besides visiting my grandparents this weekend I am going to pick up my grandma’s earrings and make a trip by Port Townsend to pick up my Mom’s wedding ring from my step-Dad. When I get home I can take these rings, plus my Mom’s magic ring, to a jeweler and start seeing what kind of settings they have available that would work.

Engagement ring here I come!


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