First Engagement Ring Shopping Day

In my last post, Engagement Ring Here I Come, I told you about my adventure over to Sequim and Port Townsend last weekend to pick up the jewelry for engagement ring makings.

I was trying not to get to excited about getting an engagement ring because I couldn’t do anything until I had all of the pieces. Now that I have them I was itching to get to the jewelry store right away to look for settings.

Shawn and I went to the Northgate Mall after I got off work today to start looking. I was so excited to start looking and the thought of finally getting my ring gave me butterflies in my stomach as we were approached the first store.

The first stop was Kay Jewelers. The woman who helped us was very nice and patient with all my naive questions. She looked at the stones I wanted to use and pulled out a few settings for me to look at. I tried on at least 10 rings and wedding bands but none of them grabbed me. I didn’t have anything to compare them to though because I hadn’t seen anything else at that point.

We stopped in Fred Meyer Jewelers just to see what they had to offer but according to the quiet, stuffy old guy behind the counter they had nothing. My impression was that they just sell complete rings at a deal but don’t offer settings to place your own stones in.

The third store we stopped in was Ben Bridge. Their selection seemed smaller than Kay Jewelers and at first I wasn’t impressed with the sales lady. She didn’t seem as enthusiastic about helping me and the lady at the first store. I loved the second ring she showed me though. It had the pizzaz and grab that the first rings were missing for me.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t know if the designer allows people to put in their own stones in addition to the main center stone and I do really want to use my Grandma’s diamond earrings. She took my information and said she would let me know tomorrow.

This was only our first day looking so I am hesitant to go with something so soon. I really liked that ring though. I felt like it spoke to me. But who is to say another one won’t speak to me at another store. Maybe we should try the Shane Company? I mean, I have been listening to that guys voice on the radio since I can remember.

One thing I know for sure – It looks like it will be pretty easy to find a pre-made setting that will work so we won’t have to get one custom designed. That will save us a wad of cash. My ring will already be unique because of my Mom’s and Grandma’s stones plus I do like the more classic ring look.


One response to “First Engagement Ring Shopping Day

  1. So exciting! I can’t wait to see your ring! 🙂

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