Join My Adventure

Welcome to my blog. I started it as a way to document my adventure of planning and preparing for my wedding day.

Please join in the conversation bu clicking “comment” at the end of each post and adding your advice and insight. I could sure use it. If you want to be notified by email each time a new post comes out please subscribe using the box to the right.

To learn more about my blog and who I am, please read my About page.

I hope you are entertained by my adventures and get a good laugh from my mistakes.

Thank You


One response to “Join My Adventure

  1. Hey Jess,

    I enjoy your blog. It’s fun to see things through a new bride’s eyes. I thought I would suggest that attending a bridal show is sort of a rite of passage. And there’s one up in Lynnwood tomorrow at the Lynnwood Convention Center. It’s 11 to 4. Come say hey if you decide to come.

    Puget Sound DJ

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