Joining the Club

People in my life sometimes say “you are in such great shape”. I don’t know who they see but I see someone who could lose 15-20 lbs, who doesn’t exercise consistently and eats too much junk food. Sure, I could knock out a 20-mile mountain bike race tomorrow like it is no big deal but a long bike ride or run a couple of times a month does not an “in shape” person make.

The club I am speaking of is the hoards of women who have gotten engaged and decided they need to lose some weight.

For years I have dreamt of living a healthy life of clean eating and consistent exercise that would keep me at my ideal weight. The problem is, “dreaming” isn’t cutting it. At various times I have been “in the  best shape of my life”. The problem is that it always swings back the other way – eating too much, indulging in too many sweets and spending too much time on the couch. I have more or less struggled with my weight all my life.

So here I am engaged and facing the reality of marriage. When I think of how I want to look and feel on my wedding day, the vision doesn’t include back fat bulging out of my strapless dress, my thighs sticking together in the summer heat or feeling disgusted with myself because I stuffed myself with a whole pint of ice cream last night. On my wedding day I want is to know that I look good and to feel beautiful. Yes, I am vain like that.

So, here I am, along with hundreds of other recently engaged women vowing to lose some weight before their wedding. I know what kind of discipline it takes to make healthy food choices and to reduce my portion sizes. I know what kind of commitment it takes to exercise regularly (which I learned when I trained for my marathon several years ago). The problem is that, also like these other women, I KNOW what needs to be done but still haven’t been able to make myself do it.

I am making a declaration here that I will get back to healthier habits and do what it takes to lose some weight. By knowing I said it here, I feel accountable. I have challenges like a lot of other people – bad knees and a back, a underactive thyroid, a super busy schedule and commitments to a job, family and friends. Despite those challenges, I commit to making healthy changes and carving out time in each day to exercise. 

I see my wedding as the beginning of a new chapter of my life. My hope is that I can get down to my ideal weight by next spring and that I can finally make a consistent lifestyle change that keeps me healthy and fit through this next chapter and beyond.


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