First Official Step: Maid of Honor

The first official step in my wedding planning process was to pick and ask my Maid of Honor. Some of you may think I am jumping the gun a little because my wedding isn’t until August 2012, about 14 months from now. The thing is though I was sure who I wanted to ask and was pretty excited about it so to me there was no reason to wait.

My Maid of Honor is going to be my cousin Lindsey, who lives in Poulsbo.

She is really more like my sister. We are only about a year and a half apart and grew up right next door to each other most of our lives. We also fought like we were sisters when we were kids too. We would always get in these huge fights and swear we hated each other but then we would get bored and call each other and ask if the other one wanted to come over and play. Like sisters, we have had our disagreements as adults too….like when we went to San Diego and I had a panic attack because my blood sugar dropped like a rock and I needed food NOW but she was NOT OK with doing anything until we were sure we had a hotel in town to sleep in that night.

She is great because she is not afraid to share her opinion (which she always has…which is something we have in common. Ha, ha) and is a great person to have on your side when you need to make things happen. I have no doubt she will help the wedding day go smoother because when the caterer shows up late or we get shorted one or two rented chairs she will take care of it for me without even asking. She has great leadership qualities and is not afraid to take charge.

We are really different in a lot of ways too. I love brutal 60-mile mountain bike races and she likes Disneyland. Sleeping on the ground or in my car is my idea of a great time while she must have a comfy bed and shower (although I have managed, in several different ways, to make her sleep on the ground with me…like once or twice). I moved from home as soon as I graduated high school and have changed careers several to suit my whims. She still lives in the same place she grew up in and has only worked in one or two different industries her whole life. I crave instability and she craves it.

These differences will surely result in different opinions about how things should be done but it also means that she will sometimes offer completely different perspectives that I haven’t considered. She has always been good at providing balance and a reality check.  But she knows in the end this is my wedding and my special day and is willing to do whatever I decide even if it not her first choice.

I love her and I am so glad she said yes when I asked her! Besides, it will force her to actually come to Seattle to visit me 🙂


2 responses to “First Official Step: Maid of Honor

  1. So excited for you! I’ve been made fun of many times for my overly detailed wedding planing (and tracking spreadsheets) so if you ave any questions at all or want to brainstorm- I’d love to help! 🙂

    • Thanks! On one hand I feel like it is so early to get this detailed but I am a PLANNER. I love the minutia of calculating every little detail and tweaking it and tweaking it again. I love the PROCESS of planning. It seems we have this in common? I am sure it annoys some people to no end though. Ha, ha.

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