I’m Running at 10k

I am finally over my terrible three week cold….I think. That is what I thought last time when I got hit with a major sinus infection. I am finally feeling human again which is great since a couple of weeks ago I declared that I am jumping on the wedding weight loss bandwagon. I did almost nothing while I was sick but now I finally feel ready to get back to it.

Over at I have laid out a 13-week Couch to 10k (6.2 miles) plan for me and Gretel. Click on over and check it out. The plan starts out assuming that you have never done any physical activity in your life. The plan is also good for former runners who have recovered from an injury and are trying to get back into running regularly. It’s a great, relatively easy plan so please join our program and train along with us if your aim is to get in shape and lose weight.

Dogs make great training partners. Gretel loves to run. Besides, she is the only one I can get to go running with me at 530 am.  Shawn doesn’t  1) Run and 2) is not a viable human at 530 am. In Chester’s older years he prefers to stay in bed until noon. If I do drag him out that early I am sorry more often than not because he drags ass the whole run. This basically results in me using my legs to propel myself and 13 lbs. of dead weight. He still might come on some afternoon runs with me and will certainly be included on walks though.

Unlike Chester, Gretel has never been a regular runner before. She will need a beginning training plan to get her little body in running shape. Perfect because I need a beginning running plan to get my out-of-shape, lazy self back in to running shape too. It’s a match made in heaven. Ha, ha.

Besides the Couch to 10k training program I have set a goal of running a 10k race near the beginning of September. I picked the Seattle Iron Girl Women’s 10k because it roughly coincides with the end of my training program, it is relatively flat (easy) and is held at Greenlake Park – a 10 minute walk from my house.

From time to time I will let you know about our progress. In addition to exercising regularly, my wedding weight loss plan includes making better food choices. I am going to work on portion control and try and eat more fruits and vegetables and way less obvious sugar (candy, soda, etc.) Hopefully I will see some results with both of these changes.

Besides updates on our training program, discussions about diet and my struggle with my love of junk food, I will also post about my weight loss progress. My goal is to lose at least 15 lbs by January 2012. My reward for all my hard work will be that I will let myself finally go shopping for a wedding dress! Yay!

Anyone local interested in joining me for the training and race?


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