The TMI Dilemma. Thoughts?

In this blogging world thing I wonder if people aren’t sharing too much.

“Blog” is short for “web log”. It started as a type of online journal. By nature, a journal shares your internal thoughts and ideas and personal information about yourself. Blogging is so popular because people can be raw and honest and other people can read what you wrote and identify with you because they are relieved they aren’t the only ones with those thoughts or are going through the same situation. They can RELATE to you.

Blogging is all the youth today know. Blogs, Facebook (a micro blog by the way) and sharing personal information online (sometimes too much) were a normal thing growing up. They weren’t for me though. Although I feel this new openness and relentless pursuit to be yourself is amazing and I have no regrets about jumping on that bandwagon, I do wonder sometimes how much is too much. Do we not live in an era where no one has secrets and no one is surprised anymore?

I love blogging. In fact, I often think about starting another one. I enjoy this blog a lot and really like that I can share my thoughts and ideas and give my future family across the country a window into who I am and how I think. I like that I can throw out my ideas and that friends and family can give me feedback right here on my blog on their own time schedule. I like sharing my wedding adventures in hopes that one stranger might stumble upon it and find something useful or inspiring.

Part of the excitement of planning my wedding though is being creative and coming up with something unique that delights and inspires my guests. To me that’s better done when there is an element of surprise. Hence the dilemma.

I wonder about sharing things here sometimes because I feel like it takes all of the surprise out of it. Those of you who know me well know that I don’t have many secrets and I am pretty open about myself and my thoughts. It is hard for me NOT to share everything I am thinking.

On the other hand I feel like it doesn’t necessarily ruin all the surprise. Just because I talk about it here doesn’t mean it is going to show up on my wedding on the actual day. You’ll have an idea about the theme and the possibilities but you won’t REALLY know until you see it. Besides, in the end I could change my mind last minute and throw a curveball.

What do you think?

5 responses to “The TMI Dilemma. Thoughts?

  1. Matthew S Wothersoppn

    You do what you do, make your self happy, if others are cool with it then great, if not then great as well, I enjoy reading about your adventure and it is nice that you are sharing such an important part of your life with your friends, so thank you. As soon as our phones are restored and life is back to normal out here after the flooding I will give you a call and nail down a time when I can come out and visit, I need to get away from all this rain!!! Keep on Blogging or what ever you kids call it out there!

  2. I think as long as you don’t over-share wedding frustrations (because trust me those are bound to pop up), it is all in good fun. You might like to look back on it after the “big day” and remember all of the planning.

    • I agree. I am trying to keep it light and fun here. There is a fine but distinct line between sharing your intimate thoughts and airing your dirty laundry. And thanks for stopping by to check in on me and leave a comment!

  3. I love reading about all the decision-making that goes on, and I enjoy getting insights into people. I think you’re right, that sometimes we do overshare, but I think you’ve kept a balance.

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