Maid of Honor Came to Town

Last week was the first visit of many visits to come by my cousin Lindsey – my Maid of Honor.  She came over after I got off work one day so she could see the venue and have dinner with me to talk about wedding stuff.

Up until her visit she had been going on little bits of information from me and the few photos of the venue she could find on the internet. I picked her up from the ferry and we drove up to see the Mukilteo Lighthouse. Before she saw it she has asked me if the extra expense for the lighthouse was necessary (which I assured her it was) but as soon as she saw it she fell in love with it.

We talked about where to put the chairs and came up with a plan I hadn’t thought about before. No I just need to show Shawn what it is. Ha, ha. I really like this new set-up and it will mean we can cut some of the decoration costs and put that extra money into something else or bring back one of the elements of the wedding we had to cut out during the initial budget round.

In our frenzy of wedding discussion, I managed to blast past the reception venue so she didn’t get to see that. I told her it gives her a reason to come back 🙂

We discussed the flowers more and she suggested a few ways I could enjoy flowers at the wedding but still cut costs. Luckily, I am not too invested in the actual flowers used or even the color palette. I have a vague idea – or really more of a feeling I want the flowers to have – in my mind but I am open to suggestions and possibilities.

We stopped by David’s Bridal, a local wedding dress store known for its good deals. I had never been inside the store before. I did kind of think there would be more wedding dresses to choose from but I didn’t actually pour through the racks and I think its better with less choices so I wouldn’t get so overwhelmed with options. They had almost as many bridesmaids dresses in the store as they did wedding dresses so we looked those racks just to see what was there and get some color ideas.

I also took her by to see the Engagement Ring we picked out and the matching wedding band. Did I mention I am excited to get it? Yes, I think I did in my last post about it. Ha, ha.

We topped it all off with dinner at Red Robin – one of our favorite places to go out to eat (Well, at least it is mine. We had good conversation all evening and I feel good about the ideas we had and the options we discussed. Next on our agenda is for her to make a trip over here in August to check out what flowers are available at the Pike Place Farmer’s Market that month. We will also visit a few traditional florists to do the same and get some price estimates that are more accurate than my half-guess from the information I have found on line.


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