Picked Out an Engagement Ring Finally!

It felt kind weird for me when we were looking for a setting in that when you are only selecting the SETTING how much thought really has to go into it? I mean, there are only so many white gold, prong mount (the traditional style where the stone stands up from the ring), three-stone settings on the market. They all look basically the same – a bigger center stone with two small side stones. What varies between them is any other embellishments of the band and the mounting structure (what it looks like from the side). I will explain a little about our choices (in total laymans terms, of course).

Because we are not buying a complete ring it seemed important to have independent settings for each of the three stones so they would be able to more securely fit the “non-standard” size stones so we definitely went with a prong-style instead of a bezel or other variations out there. The prong setting allows more light to enter the stone thus accentuating its brilliance and luster. Besides looking like a more traditional ring, this setting type is best for the stone I am using since it is a little cloudier than a diamond and would benefit from all the extra light it can get to show it off.

These prongs either come up from a common base, like in the classic diamond solitaire, or they come up from  the basket – which, to the best I can tell is like a basket for the stone to set in and then a prong comes up from four different points on the basket to secure the stone.

I am not sure what the prong type we ended up with is actually called. In our quest it was the only type like that I saw. It reminded me of a W-prong setting (see photo below) in that the prongs didn’t come up from one central point but it still looked totally different. To me, if you view the setting from the side it looked more like a tulip.

You really only get two choices when it comes to the band – plain or with a few extra side diamonds.  I wanted the few extra side diamonds because I like the sparkle and we could afford it since I am supplying my own center stones instead of buying them. It really didn’t seem like these extra side diamonds added much cost to the ring though but maybe it is because most of them are a little more than a quarter carat total between all of the side stones (at least the ones in our price range).

There are a couple different variations if you go with the extra side diamonds too. To me, it seemed there were really only two types. Both are set into the band itself, rather than being on a prong mount. However, one style more resembles a basket. It sits in its own little space and then is held in place with tiny little prongs that come up from the band. This makes them stand out a bit more and has more “texture” (which, to me, means more places for dirt to get stuck).

We went with the other style, the channel set. With this style, a channel is cut into the surface of the band and the diamonds are set inside. This basically makes them flush with the band and they are held in place by being squeezed together by both sides of the band and the diamonds on either side of it.

Anyway, I have been asked if I have a picture of it. I don’t. First, I wasn’t sure the jewelry store would be comfortable with me taking a photo of the ring so I didn’t ask. Wedding dress stores and most artists don’t like you to take pictures of their stuff because they are afraid you will go have it made somewhere else cheaper or make one just like it yourself. The other reason is that I feel it is a bit pointless because my ring won’t look much like the ring in the picture because I am putting my own stones in it and the center one is colored.

Anyway, I am super excited to get it though! I am excited because it is my engagement ring of course but I am also super excited to see what it looks like with my Mom’s stone in it. We have to figure out when we can order it and then I have to wait about 3 months after that point for it to be special ordered and have my stones mounted.

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