Reserving the Mukilteo Lighthouse and Rosehill Community Center

We have so much invested in the idea of the Mukilteo Lighthouse and the Rosehill Community Center for our wedding and reception venue that we are holding our breath hoping that we get it. I can’t make the reservation until exactly one year to the day prior to our wedding date. It’s a very popular place too so we just have to hope we don’t get beat out by someone else.

We stopped in last month to the Rosehill Community Center and there was actually a nice, helpful lady at the desk (unlike the rude, unhelpful one last time we stopped in). I talked to her about our plans and how the reservations worked. I found plenty of information online but sometimes talking to someone face to face makes me feel more assured that I have the most accurate, current information.

It was good we stopped in too because she said you pretty much have to show up in person to get your reservation. She said they are booked out for the weekends exactly one year from the day we were there. She said I could call but I likely wouldn’t get my reservation because someone will have walked in and they will help the person standing in front of them before they will answer the phone.

The Community Center opens at 630 am on weekdays and 8 am on Saturday (they are closed Sunday) and she said there are regularly people showing up two to three hours before they open to be the first in line for the reservations. Because we are trying to reserve the room for a Friday during the day she said there won’t be as much competition so I probably don’t have to show up that early. You bet your patootie that I will be there WAY early though on the off chance that there is some crazy bride out there like me that doesn’t mind getting up at 4 am and is planning on a Friday daytime wedding on August 10th 2012 🙂

The last two times we stopped by we didn’t get to see the inside of the place in person. Once there was a reception going on and we were immediately chased out and the other time they were closed so we could only peak through the windows. The Point Elliott Room didn’t look a whole lot different from the inside as it did from the outside but we got to see the Kitchen and dressing rooms that come with the rental when you rent the whole room (due to the number of guests we may only be renting half of the room though so we may not have access to those areas).

The lighthouse is actually rented out by the Parks Department so the reservation procedure for that will be different. I will be contacting them to go through this whole exercise again – confirming what I actually have to do and getting any insider tips.

Getting the reservations is the next big step in our wedding planning process. I have done some brainstorming and budgeting but we will be back to square one of we don’t get this place. If all goes well I will let you know right away. Once we have the venue secured I will start posting more information about traveling to and staying in Seattle. I will have a separate page on this website listing some accommodation options for those coming from out of town.

Wish us luck.


One response to “Reserving the Mukilteo Lighthouse and Rosehill Community Center

  1. How exciting! I hope you get it!

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