Things are Moving Along

We are kind of in a planning holding pattern for now until we can secure the venue on August 10th. That doesn’t mean things aren’t moving along behind the scenes though.

Last Friday we made the down payment and ordered the engagement ring. Yay! Now begins the 3 months of waiting for it :). Apparently because we are ordering a setting that will fit the specific  stones I have to put in it, they have to make the thing from scratch. Then we have to deliver the stones to the jeweler and they have to set the stones into the setting. I knew I would have to wait but knowing and then ACTUALLY having to wait are two different things. I will try to contain my excitement until it comes. I usually keep my life busy enough I am sure it will go fast. If we are lucky it will come a tad early too.

Last week or so I found out that a friend of mine got engaged. The best part she even lives pretty enar me. She is shooting for a budget-type wedding next summer too so now I have a partner in crime that is genuinely interested in making LOTS of time in her schedule to think and over think this wedding stuff. She is also really good at fashion and crafts so I look forward to her helping me pick a wedding dress, along with my MOH and bridesmaids of course, and getting all crafty with me on do-it-yourself projects we have planned.

Shawn and I finally sat down yesterday when it was rainy (Hello Summer? Where are you?) and went over the budget together. Up until now I have kind of been running with it based on our initial conversations and his statement that “It’s your wedding” (but of course he will get plenty of input). We are on the same page (no surprise J) but just wanted to make sure we discussed these things openly before I ran too far with it. The invitations might be the trickiest part because it turns out there is a special formula (link) to calculate how many invitations you send out vs. how many people will actually show up to the wedding. We may need to send a lot more invitations than the 80 or so people we can invite which may cause us to go over budget more than we thought. The budget is mostly solid though so I have a framework of elements we can afford to include to work from.

I have also done a little research of photographers. I have a long way to go there but since we are on a tight budget it is first and foremost important to find ones that will fit in it. Once I collect a few options then we can go about looking through their portfolios to see which styles we like best. I looked through a couple of them briefly but felt a little overwhelmed because they all looked “good enough”.  I went on the Wedding Bee board to ask about photographers and one women had a great point – that it may not be the photos themselves that make a photographer stand out but once you start meeting with photographers you will find out fast which ones you click with and which ones you don’t. I suppose a lot of people can take great photos but you want a photographer that you won’t mind spending all day with and that “gets” you so you feel more at ease in the photos.

I have almost completed my bridal party. This weekend I asked one of my long-time friends to be my second bridesmaid and she accepted the mission. Ha, ha. Since we only plan on having three Bridesmaids/Groomsmen in addition to the Best Man/MOH that only leaves one bridesmaid left for me. I have a couple of friends I would like to ask so choosing the one will be hard.

Also, I have been working on a Bride’s Party Page that shows a picture and introduces members of my wedding party to you. The MOH and one bridesmaid are already on there but I am working on getting permission and writing a short bio for the others. I just want you to know who these “strangers” are standing up for me and why they are important to my life. Stay tuned.

I guess I have been doing a lot “behind the scenes” now that I look at it. I just don’t feel like I can do much but spin in circles until the venue is secured. I am sure I will find plenty to keep myself busy in the 22 days until D-day……or in this case “V” day.

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