Bride’s Wedding Party

There is a tad over one year until the wedding and I have my wedding party picked out. I don’t know if one year is way earlier than most people do it but I knew who I wanted to ask and I wanted to give them plenty of notice.

My wedding party consists of the Maid of Honor and three bridesmaids. I created a Wedding Party page so you could get to know them. These people are important to my life and I don’t want you to see them as “some stranger” standing up in front of everyone at the ceremony. Please take the time to read a little about how I met them and the story of them in my lives here.

I don’t know if I can convince Shawn and his friends but I would like to eventually be able to put the Groom’s wedding party on this page too. Since I don’t know all of their stories then it will take a little bit of effort on Shawn’s part to give me the info so I can write a blurb about each of them.

As it stands now, there are 4 people in each wedding party. There is a chance that we might add one more person to each party but at this point we are not sure. If I do ask one more bridesmaid I will update the page.


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