First Time Trying on Wedding Dresses

Well, kind of. Not mine anyway. I went to I Do Bridal in Wallingford to watch Lisa, my wedding-bridesmaid twin (the one who is getting married next year too and we agreed to be each other’s bridesmaids), try on dresses.

I am still sticking by my guns that I won’t let myself try on wedding dresses until I lose at least 10 lbs. My cousin Lindsey said “Why don’t you just try on dresses now to get an idea and then go for an actual fitting when you have lost the weight?” but she doesn’t understand. This trying on the wedding dress thing is the carrot that I hope will keep me committed to losing the weight. If I break the seal by trying on dresses now I am afraid I won’t be as dedicated. The weight thing is more than just for vanity – it’s for heath too.

Anyway, like I said, I am sticking to my guns and not trying on dresses. It’s so hard though. When I found out Lisa was trying on dresses my first thought was that we could try them on together. Thankfully the bridal shop didn’t have another appointment or I would have surely broken the commitment to myself.

It’s also good because after some thought I didn’t want to steal Lisa’s wedding-dress-trying-on glory. I wanted her to be able to focus on herself, her dresses and what she liked – not having to think about the dresses I was trying on too.

I did realize something though. This being each other’s bridesmaids thing could get tricky if we let it. The danger is seeing her try on a dress or finding decoration or something that I like too and wanting to have it for my own. There is also a danger with the wedding dress that I might judge the dress as a “like” but actually like it for me instead of considering her preference and style. I am pretty good at these balancing acts though so I don’t think it will be a problem. Interesting discoveries in my wedding adventure and good points to be aware of though.

Anyway, before I went with Lisa I did look online and the dresses that this store carries and picked out a few that I liked for myself for the fun of it. It was great to see Lisa try on dresses because we have similar body types and it gave me a good idea of how certain styles might look on me. I discovered that I really like the Champagne color dresses instead of the while or ivory (I don’t know how it looks on my skin tone yet though). I also discovered that, even though I thought I liked the idea of a dress with straps better, I preferred the strapless dress. I definitely like the more form-fitting shapes and, as I suspected, prefer the A-line style dresses.

So anyway, I got to “try on dresses” without breaking my promise to myself by living vicariously through Lisa. And when I was done I rewarded myself for not caving by buying some new workout clothes 🙂


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