70 MPH and 15 Minutes

That is all that stood between my perfect wedding day and totally not.

Over a month ago I contacted the Rosehill Community Center about reservations there and at the Mukilteo Lighthouse. They told me that Fridays weren’t as popular as Saturdays (which are exclusively booked up exactly one year in advance) so I would have a better chance of getting our reservation but that they couldn’t say for sure…especially since August is very popular.

They said to get the reservation you must come to the office in person because they will be su busy booking the people who showed up in person that they wouldn’t answer the phone. Apparently their earliest crazy lady was 3 am so we decided to show go there at 4 am on a less coveted Friday to wait.

I packed up the camp chairs, blankets and laptop and headed up there. Shawn and I drove separate cars since he had to leave earlier than I did for work. I was pretty anxious but I consciously tried to relax myself ad I drove there.

I kept looking down at the speedometer to find that my lead food had a mind of its own and thought that 70 mph was a good idea. My rational side would show me down to about 68 because everyone knows most cops don’t pull you over unless you are doing at least 10 mph over 🙂

So I pulled up to find this

 My heart sank. There were TWO groups of people in line. They had obviously camped there overnight. In my confused state I was still going through the intended motions of the morning. For a second I had almost left but instead I pulled up to the sidewalk where they were sleeping to take a closer look and toss my stuff on the sidewalk.

Good thing I took a closer look

It turns out it is a really good thing I didn’t see them and give up. They had signs posted above them that said they were camping in line for SATURDAY and SUNDAY! I quickly started throwing my stuff onto the sidewalk and not 15 seconds later a dude showed up. It turns out that we both wanted the same day.

We talked and I was actually happy that we were both probably going to get reservations. We were doing a daytime wedding and he was there for an evening reservation. I must note that this “dude” was someone’s Dad who offered to come get in line at 4 am for his daughter. I thought, “genius idea. Where is MY dad??” Ha, ha.

Chicks Dad right behind us in line surfing the internet on his phone. He was a really cool guy actually. Which shouldn’t be a surprise since he was in line at 4 am so his daughter could get her chosen wedding venue 🙂

Here we are waiting

 So, in the end we got our chosen reservation. However, if I had not been driving 70 mph and had gotten there 15 seconds later we wouldn’t have gotten the time and date we wanted and possibly no reservation at all.

As it was, there were three other girls that showed up even later than we did that got turned away. They were VERY unhappy brides, to say the least. I did feel a little bad but to tell you the truth I was selfishly rejoycing that I was getting the reservation I wanted and thinking “sucks to be you”.

Venue booked. Let the planning commence 🙂

Look for a couple of new pages to appear on the header of the blog soon. One page will describe the venue and give directions. The other one will provide travel and hotel information for you out-of-towners.

2 responses to “70 MPH and 15 Minutes

  1. This is hilarious! I just happened to come across this on the Internet and the guy sleeping on the bench is my fiancé! We will have been here for 42 hours before it’s all said and done 🙂 worth it for this amazing venue! Glad you were able to book it!

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