The Planning Train is Moving Again

This last week was vacation for us. We spent a lot of time relaxing, spending time with friends, camping and hiking. Our adventures included two barbecues, one group, evening bike ride to Red Hook Brewery, a visit from Bridesmaid Healthier, camping at deception Pass State Park, a tour of a Navy aircraft carrier, lots of walking on the beach and collecting more beach glass.

As with any vacation it went too fast but I felt very relaxed at the end. Strangely, I seemed to get a lot done in the wedding planning department during this “relaxing” time.

When Heather was in town last weekend we made another visit to David’s Bridal. This time we were armed with the blue polka dot sundress I bought with the wedding colors and a small handful of the beach glass colors I had in mind for the wedding. It wasn’t my intention to decide that day but I pretty much did decide on the bridesmaids dresses (the “pretty much” part is because I am still somewhat non-committal about it). If you remember in my last post about the dresses (link) I was in somewhat of a dilemma.

Well, I finally decided that I would pick the color of the dresses for the MOH and bridesmaids and then pick 4 different styles they can chose fro. I tried to pick dresses that they might wear again. Quite frankly, I am a bit jealous. I think these dresses are so cute and I love the colors so much I want one for myself!

I sent an email out to the girls with my color choices and style options. Almost everyone said they loved the dresses. Those who didn’t say that are on board I am sure because they know it is what I want and that it is my day.

I also stopped by Ben Bridge to see the engagement ring again and to check on the progress because we have heard ZERO since we filled out the application and gave them our money over two weeks ago. We were beginning to wonder if the ring did actually get ordered and when the first payment would be due.

The lady we ordered the ring from wasn’t in but a man named Richard we had dealt with before was very helpful. He did a lot of checking around and called in a couple of days to confirm that, yes, the ring had been ordered and, to my delight, it was scheduled to be delivered to their Seattle store at the end of August. I know I was thinking worst-case scenario but that is over a month sooner than I thought I might see it. I am still not holding my breath in case there is a hitch in the plan.

The next couple of weeks  will bring three significant events in the wedding planning.

Wednesday is the big day. It’s August 10th (it will be a Friday in 2011) and time to try and reserve the venue. Shawn and I will be going there at 4 am to get in line for reservations. They said their craziest, early, wait-er lady was 3 am but that was on a Saturday……which is way harder to get than a Friday. We want to be sure though so we figure 2 ½ hours before they open is just crazy enough to secure our spot.

Look for an update on this soon.

Lindsey, my MOH, is coming to visit to look at flowers. We are going to the Pike Place market to look at their August selection of flowers and see what kind of quantities they can give us. We are going to stop by the Metropolitan Market to look at their flowers because I heard they have some good deals. We will also visit a traditional florist to compare options and prices and potentially meet with my Aunt’s friend who arranges flowers for big events.

We need to secure a photographer soon. I have three or 4 options to consider within our price range. It’s time to sit down, start pouring through portfolios and meeting photographers. I am sure, like the venue, many photographers are booked up a year out. I don’t want us to get stuck with the one photographer that was good enough that is “in our price range”. We also want to decide soon because most photographers offer engagement photos and we would like to get some nice photos of us together to use on the wedding invitations or whatnot.

Once we have the venue we can get going on other things too like deciding on food, booking a caterer, planning the layout, etc. Off to the next stage of planning……………


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