We’ve Picked our Wedding Photographer

I met my friend Matt when I worked at REI. Besides outdoor adventure being a common interest, we both liked photography. However, he actually has a degree in it and is way better than me.

He has a photography business, Matt Pool Photography, as a side job so when I needed professional head shots for by business website I immediately thought of him. I was really happy with how the photos turned out. I looked better in those photos than I have looked in almost any photo of me….and no he didn’t Photoshop my nose or emerging double chin.

I thought the photos were so good that I gave a couple to my family as presents last Christmas. A month or so later my Grandma told me that she didn’t like the photo because she said it didn’t look like me.

Until that moment I had been thinking of asking Matt to photograph our wedding. After my Grandma’s comment I had second thoughts. I searched the Seattle area for good wedding photographers in our budget range and found a few. Honestly though I felt like all of the photos were good. I wasn’t sure how I was going to choose.

I asked how I was supposed to choose on the WeddingBee board and one person commented that you find a few whose photos you like then you start to meet with them. She said that personality will seal the deal. You want to pick someone who understands you and who you feel comfortable with.

We had other things to worry about, like the venue and engagement ring, so picking the photographer got put on the back burner. I still thought about it though. Part of me really wanted to just go with Matt but part of me felt like I needed to shop around.

In the end I decided that I really liked Matt’s photos. They are a mix of professional and candid with a bit of artsy thrown in. Also, I decided that there would be no other photographer I could meet that would know me better or that I would feel more comfortable with than someone I have known for 6 years, who I have biked and snowboarded with and who has seen me after two days with no shower.

This morning Shawn and I met with Matt. We went over the pricing and how the setup and the wedding day shoot usually works. We gave him a deposit which officially secured him to shoot our wedding.

You can see some recent wedding photos he shot of Megan and Wesley – a girl I used to work at REI with and her new husband. You can also visit his website and blog to see other photos.


One response to “We’ve Picked our Wedding Photographer

  1. How exciting! Things are starting to come together… 🙂 🙂

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