Engagement Photos Hand Delivered by Ski Bum

We finally got the final disk of our engagement photos! The photos were taken way back in November and we just got them last night.

I know that seems like a long time. I want to be very clear…it took so long because we are lazy asses. Matt Pool Photography gave us the files to choose from back in December.

Did we take the 5 mintues to look through them on the couch then? No. We told ourselves we would look at them with Shawn’s family when we went back to Dwight, IL for Christmas. Well, we did. Then did we take the 5 mintues it would take to finalize our choices and email the photographer? Nope! Did we tell ourselves several times that “we have to just sit down and get it done”? Yep! Did we? Still no.

Anyway, we finally sat down last week to select our final photos. Then we email the photographer. It turns out he wasn’t sitting around watching the clock waiting for us to get back to him. Nope. He was out skiing…a lot! (ok…I didn’t actually think he was sitting around waiting for us but at some point me might have worried we might have changed our mind about the whole marriage thing. Ha, ha).

So he dropped the final disk of photos off to us last night right before he headed out of town for a week of….more skiing!

We have the disk but there are some rules. We have some web-sized watermarked photos that we can share on Facebook, this blog or whatever. There are higher quality photos for printing but our agreement says that we will only print them for “personal use”. The agreement asks that “friends and family purchase prints at a reasonable price from his client website.”

The bottom line is that you can use the “client website” link to view the photos. If you see any of them that you want printed, let us know and details can be worked out from there.


4 responses to “Engagement Photos Hand Delivered by Ski Bum

  1. I love the pictures. They’re totally you.

    • Thanks. Outdoorsy is definitely us but I almost like the ones in the urban setting better. I definitely like us in the darker colors better…except for the one of Shawn by himself in the white and blue striped shirt.

  2. The photos are great! You two are so adorable and happy in love 🙂 I love the arboretum, and the fact and you got some of Chester and Gretel too! P.S. Those boots rock!!

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