First Wedding Dress Try-on

I admit that I have been procrastinating in the wedding planning department since, well, um, like NOVEMBER. Ha, ha.

In November we got our engagement photos taken. Then I did nothing. Well, I did manage to do one thing. I tried on wedding dresses for the first time. I would like to tell you about how excited I was but really, I wasn’t.

I am not sure why not but I just didn’t feel the normal giddyness that most future brides feel. Maybe is because the whole “I didn’t-dream-of-this-my-whole-life thing” or maybe because I wished I could wait until I was in a little better shape.

The day itself was great though. I had such a good time. My Cuzzy, and MOH, came over from Poulsbo. My Bridesmaid Heather was able to carve out some time for me during her visit home from China. We tried on dresses and then went to lunch at Olive Garden (LOVE their salad).

So how did the dress appointment for me go? Not too bad I think. David’s Bridal didn’t have many dresses in the champagne color I wanted so my choice was somewhat limited but I did manage to find a couple of dresses that I liked.

No…I am not going to show you pictures. I don’t want Shawn to see the dress until our wedding day so I will not be posting pictures of the dresses I like here. I can tell you one was a champagne, traditional fluffy wedding dress. One was a form-fitting Ivory dress (with a champagne sash….but I will admit I bitched A LOT about the fact that it wasn’t Ivory…but still liked it). The third dress was actually a Bridesmaids dress which only came in a Taupe (but I liked the darker color).

I have at least two more places that I want to go try on dresses. The first dress try on was at the end of December so this is where the procrastination comes in. I need to make appointments at these places but haven’t. I am really squeezing my 6-month ordering deadline (as in like it is way past) so I have to find some motivation real soon.

The good thing is that I am not obsessed with the dress so if no bridal gown store can get me my dress on my timeline I can just order that Bridesmaids dress 🙂


One response to “First Wedding Dress Try-on

  1. I had a good experience at I Do Bridal in Wallingford, although I ultimately bought my dress at Cicada downtown. I also really liked Blue Sky Bridal in Greenwood, they only sell consignment dresses so prices are good and it’s a cool idea. Good luck! I didn’t love the whole dressing shopping thing either, and I do love the dress I bought but I was mostly just relieved it was all over 🙂

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