Miss Decisive

I am a very analytical person. I will think, research, weigh my options and think some more on something before making a decision. In the end it can still be hard to make that final call. I have always gone with my gut feeling in the end.

Well, I can’t say “always”. There are some times that I have not. I can clearly remember those times because things didn’t work out so well  and, in some cases, I still feel my own foot in my butt for not listing to myself.

I have encountered enough less-than-ideal-situations in the course of not listening to what my gut was telling me. I think I have also become generally more confident in my choices, and more comfortable with making mistakes,  as I grow in life.

More recently I have discovered that I lament over choices and make decisions quicker now. I also enjoy the bit of risk I feel when I make a decision before I feel like I am “totally ready”.

So what does this have to do with my wedding? I am getting there. First, let me tell you about the first I think I became aware of this increased decisiveness.

Last year I paid to get some professional photos taken of Chester and Gretel. After the photo shoot you go back into the studio to view the photos and choose which ones you want to purchase.

I was sitting there on the couch going through the slideshow with the photographer. I was not going to pay a gawd awful amount for photos I didn’t love. I get this gut feeling about something when I “love” it so as I went through the 5o-odd photos with her I just told her what it gut said.

Yes…no…yes…no…no……yes. We blasted through the set in about 5 minutes. The photographer was shocked. She said, “You can’t imagine how much time I spent with customers lamenting over which photos they like and why. If you could bottle your decisiveness and sell it you would be rich.”

I had never looked at it that way. I was just doing what came natural.

Fast forward to last week. The window was closing to get a dress ordered in time for my wedding. I had already tried on dresses twice at one place (the second time included some of the first ones I liked and some new ones). I decided to try one more place before I made my final decision.

I picked about 10 dresses to try. As I put each one on I knew what my gut told me. I think I was handing the dresses to the girl faster than she could re-hang them. Then she threw that word at me again….decisive.

She said, “I admire how decisive you are about this. You clearly know what you are looking for. I bet a lot of people wish they could be as decisive as you are.”

In the end I picked a dress and felt really good about it. My gut knew. My head wasn’t quite there yet but in the last few days it has caught up and now I am super exited I picked the dress I did.

Take from my story what you want. However, if you need to make a decision quickly I might suggest just going with what your gut tells you. In my experience that has always been the right decision.

I know for me being more decisive has brought some lightness to my life that I was missing when I was bogged down with all this research and over-thinking.



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