Wondering where to stay for the wedding? Wonder no more.

The wedding will take place in Mukilteo, Washington. I know some of you want to stay close to the wedding venue the night before so you can help with set-up. That is much appreciated but I strongly suggest NOT staying up in Mukilteo the whole time. It is about 30 minutes north of Seattle in urbansville everywhere USA. There is really nothing to do there and basically only one road in and out of the town. Traffic can be bad at times so it would be no fun to be isolated up there and have to spend 1 – 2 hours each of your days here traveling back and forth from your hotel to the fun sights in Seattle.

These are your hotel options in Mukilteo:

Staybridge Suites
$150 to $270 plus tax
Link to example rooms and room rates for August 9, 2012

Highlights: 5 minute drive from the wedding venue/community center (reception hall), fully equipped kitchen, the option of a two bedroom suite that sleeps up to six and it is newer and modern.

Silver Cloud Inn
$160 to $275 (view with Jacuzzi) plus tax
Link to example rooms and rates for August 9, 2012

Highlights: On the water, you can watch the ferry boat come and go from a view room, 2 minute walk to the lighthouse (wedding venue) if you want to check it out the day before, Diamond Know Brewery (with amazing steaks you grill on a hot stone yourself) across the street.

Here are some suggestions for Seattle:
*Seattle is about a 30-minute drive from the wedding venue

Sheraton Hotel Seattle – $200-$300 range (I am currently checking with my aunt who works there to see if I can get a friends and family rate on rooms which may make it closer to $100 per night). Luxurious; you have to pay for parking; walking distance to movie theaters and shopping; not too far off the freeway.

Ramada Seattle Downtown – Ummm…”rates so low we can’t publish them online” so I don’t know the price (must call for rates). Walking distance from Pike Place Market and the Seattle Center; further off of the freeway, on bus and monorail line.

La Quinta Inn Downtown Seattle – $199 – $270 per night. Within walking distance of Pike Place Market, Seattle Center, the Space Needle and more; looks like smallest room sleeps up to 4; Straight shot off of the I-5 freeway

If you look on a travel site like Expedia you can find cheaper rooms further outside of Seattle (up to $50 to $100 cheaper in some cases). For somewhere in between Mukilteo and Seattle look for hotels in Edmonds, Lynnwood or Northgate area of Seattle. It is not recommended to get a hotel on Aurora Avenue. Most of them within the Seattle City limits are the kind you can rent by the hour if you know what I mean. If you have any questions about a hotel you have found, send us an email to reach_jess(at)yahoo(dot)com and we can give you some local, inside info on it.



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