Wedding Party

Bride’s Party

Maid of Honor

My Maid of Honor is my cousin Lindsey, who lives in Poulsbo.

She is really more like my sister. We are only about a year and a half apart and grew up right next door to each other most of our lives. We also fought like we were sisters when we were kids too. We would always get in these huge fights and swear we hated each other but then we would get bored and call each other and ask if the other one wanted to come over and play.

Like sisters, we have had our disagreements as adults too….like when we went to San Diego and I had a panic attack because my blood sugar dropped like a rock and I needed food NOW but she was NOT OK with doing anything until we were sure we had a hotel in town to sleep in that night. Also, as with sisters, we got over it and spend a lot of time laughing when we think of the old days.

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Heather and I were brought together in my college days. We met through a friend. I spent a lot of time at her house over the next year letting her repeatedly beat me down at scrabble (unlike many people who tired of getting beaten I said I would be glad to show up again and again to let her kick my ass. Ha, ha) or any other game we played. After college we both went our separate ways.

Heather has spent the last 7 odd years overseas teaching English with her husband. They started in Poland, spent some time in Korea and now find themselves near Hong Kong, China. I am not sure how it happened but we managed to keep in touch over the years and she has grown to be one of my best friends.

I somewhat live vicariously through her. Thinking of her and hearing about her travels is like throwing a steak to my ravenous wanderlust beast. Some day we both hope that they will make it home but for now we settle for staying in touch my email and juggling Skype and phone calls around the 15-hour time difference.

Heather gets the farthest traveled award for the wedding – coming all of the way from China just to be in my wedding!


I met Lauren while working at Stevens’s Pass Ski Resort about 11 years ago. She was a cashier and I was a ski/snowboard tech. I owned a restored 62’ Volkswagon Bug at the time and it just happened to be the year that Washington got record snowfall. The world record for the most snow in one year is held by The Mount Baker Ski Area when they reported 1,140 inches (95 feet of snowfall) in the 1998-99 season. Anyway, I was staying outside of Leavenworth with my family but after the 4th time got a ride down the mountain from Lauren to find a snow shovel tossed on the mound of snow that was my buried car, she took pity on me and generously offered to let me crash on her couch in town. We were fast, best friends after that.

Lauren and I are completely different but we are soul mates. She likes farms, horses, breeding dogs, country music, big ass trucks, 4-wheelers and living in the country. I like active sports like running, hiking and snowboarding, mostly lean towards techno and rock music and like living in the City. I don’t know what she sees in me exactly but I like to dabble in all of her interests from time to time and live vicariously through her. We just know and understand each other and I feel completely comfortable around her. The feeling I get hanging out with her reminds me of my mom and what I think our relationship would feel like if she was still alive and had lived a healthy life.


Lisa got stuck with me when we were both taking an Environmental Law and Regulation Certificate Class at the University of Washington a couple of years ago. We had to do this capstone project that required us to write an environmental document for a company. I was dead set on writing the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for the new mountain bike park that Steven’s Pass Ski Resort planned to construct. So set in fact that I was determined to do it alone if I had too since no one in the class during the first quarter was interested in partnering with me (well, one guy but he skipped out early). Lisa entered the class during the second quarter and joined my group of one because, well, I needed the help. Actually it turned out great because her boyfriend (now Fiance) was a part-time bike mechanic so in a six-degrees-of-Kevin-bacon kind of way she was connected to this mountain bike project. Lisa and I finished the whole project with just the two of us (the other groups all had 4 or 5 people). It was s somewhat ground breaking application of a typical construction stormwater document but in the end all our hard work paid off when we got kudos from both the Forest Service and Steven’s Pass for a job well done. We have kept in touch since.

This will be a fun, adventurous year for both Lisa and I. Lisa got engaged at the beginning of July. Since we had both never been bridesmaids, or married, we thought it would be a crazy idea to be bridesmaids in each other’s wedding….as if we didn’t have enough on our plate. We thought it would be really fun without too much extra work because we are planning to get married about the same time on a similar budget and we will both be excited to go check out wedding stuff for the next year. We are really killing two birds with one stone. Plus, I like her lots 🙂


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