Gift Registry

When we moved in together, we both had a lot of stuff. I made Shawn get rid of some of his to make room for mine. Ha, ha. Joking…kind of…but between the two of us we were already full to the hilt.

As most of you know, we took on a household worth of stuff when my Grandma passed away earlier this year. My Grandma was no slouch when it came to household and gourmet kitchen purchases.

As a result of all of this, we thought long and hard about where we would register and what we might need but in the end we found that we really don’t need anything for the house.

Although we really don’t need anymore outdoor gear, we know a lot of you are thinking that we should ask for stuff from REI. Because of our hefty discounts we do not want our friends and family paying full-price for something we can get a lot cheaper so we did not register there (however, gift cards would be an option).

I know we are behind in registering, and many of you have graciously already asked us about it, so here is what we came up with.

1) What we would enjoy most is help with our honeymoon. We have registered our honeymoon online so you can select parts of the trip you might like to help make happen for us. Please click the link below to view our registry.

*Please note that this service is convenient because you can use your credit card but they do deduct a 6% service fee from whatever you contribute. If you would rather avoid this fee you can view the registry and then contribute to us directly.

2) For those of you who would appreciate being able to give us a more traditional gift, we have registered for a select few items at Williams-Sonoma (click link to view).

3) Surprise us! We have invited our closest friends and family and trust that you know what we might like. If the first two gift options do not suit you, please know that we will appreciate any thoughtful gift.


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